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8 TaiChi for Seniors

Tai Chi Intro Course

The ‘Tai Chi Intro Course’ is an 8 week course designed for first-timers to learn the fundamentals of tai chi in a step-by-step process.  Students will learn a short form in order to practice and apply the fundamentals of tai chi.

Each week a new movement is introduced and repeated throughout the week.  The “Movement of the Week” is then incorporated into the form with details on transition, flow and application with some review of the previous week. Gentle, stretching movements called “qigong” are also incorporated into the class to reduce stress and increase range of motion. Students are also welcome to attend our other Qigong classes.

New students must initially choose between Group A OR Group B class times.  These two groups introduce tai chi concepts at different times and do not necessarily coordinate with each other.

The first 2-3 weeks of the course is the best time for brand new beginners to start!

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New Students: Choose between Group A OR Group B Classes

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