Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art known as the “Art of Peace.”  Aikido is primarily a defensive style that aims to disarm and neutralize an attack with as little harm to the opponent as possible.  Aikido redefines the aim of a martial encounter by creating harmony rather than destruction.  Most martial arts meet violence with violence, which perpetuates more suffering.  In Aikido, all sides walk away at peace.  This does not diminish Aikido’s effectiveness as a self-defense style, rather shifts the focus to one of compassion for all human beings.  That compassion draws power in perfectly blending with the opponent’s force in order to redirect their momentum and subdue their attack.

Aikido Style

Aikido Holland Dojo is affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation and its world headquarters in Tokyo Japan, Hombu Dojo. Affiliation is via Horikoshi Dojo, our sponsor dojo in Saitama, Japan.

Training at Aikido Holland Dojo incorporates martial techniques such as tai-jutsu (empty hand techniques), bokken (wooden sword), jo (4 foot staff) and tanto (knife). Aikido Holland Dojo places particular emphasis on bokken and jo training to facilitate the principles of taisabaki (body movement), ma-ai (distance) and kokyuho (breathing techniques).

In addition to the martial aspects, meditation and breathing techniques are integrated into training to help the Aikido practitioner achieve a relaxed state during stressful situations.

Horikoshi Haruyoshi Shihan, 7th – dan Aikikai has been studying Aikido for over 50 years and has been a professional Aikido instructor for 35 years. He runs seven dojo in the Saitama/Tokyo area with his home dojo in Kasukabe, Saitama, Japan. Horikoshi Dojo also has international member dojo. Horikoshi Shihan frequently travels internationally to conduct Aikido seminars in countries such as Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Taiwan, Iran and the USA, including our dojo here in Atlanta!

Horikoshi Shihan is accompanied by his wife Horikoshi Yoko Sensei 5th-dan Aikikai and Shidoin for Horikoshi Dojo.

Aikido is translated as “the Way of Harmony.”  Derived from traditional Japanese martial arts such as Daito Ryu Aiki-jujutsu and Kenjutsu, Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba in the 1940s. Aikido emphasizes blending with and redirecting the force of an attack, rather than opposing it. The art focuses on a responsible and composed defense while striving to finish an encounter without injuring the opponent.

A typical Aikido class will include breakfalls, stretches, breathing techniques, empty hand joint locks and throws as well as weapons. Weapons are often taught in conjunction with empty hand techniques.  An Aikido practitioner will learn both how to execute a technique, as well as protect themselves from injury when a throw or joint lock is applied to them.

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