Okochi Sensei

John Okochi

Co-founder, Kaikudo Martial Arts Academy

Director of Adult Taido


John Okochi has studied Bushido in traditional Japanese martial arts for over 30 years. He is the co-founder of Kaikudo Martial Arts Academy and is the Director of Taido Karate. Okochi studied Taido since the age of 14 under Mits Uchida sensei.  Okochi competed internationally and became the lead instructor of the US Taido branch from 1989 – 1996.  During his tenure, US Taido grew immensely due to his caring and unique teaching style.  Okochi developed an advanced children’s program that became a standard for teaching children in martial arts.


Okochi not only demonstrates a deep understanding of martial art theory, but has mastered the more difficult task of teaching that theory to all ages and skill levels. Okochi sensei is known for a refined instinct and understanding each individual’s abilities and needs. His superior teaching style and compassionate nature has inspired countless students to develop as martial artists and evolve as human beings.

Okochi sensei has taught thousands of students over the past 40 years and he is prepared to impart his legacy of martial arts to create leaders in conflict resolution and peacemaking.