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Tai Chi Flow

Kaikudo’s “Tai Chi Flow” class is a perfect blend of stretching, qigong (qi-flow), and meditation. This class is focused on producing the best health outcomes while reinforcing tai chi principles and fundamentals.  Students will leave class feeling rejuvenated and the mind refreshed!
First-timers should arrive 15min early for an “Orientation” with the instructor to learn basic tai chi principles, posture and terminology.
For those students that want to go deeper and learn traditional tai chi, please visit the ‘Tai Chi Form’ class.
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Push Hands Class

Tai Chi Form

(Yang 24)

The Tai Chi Form class is for students that want to learn a traditional tai chi form.  Traditional tai chi is a disciplined art form that requires dedication and patience to realize its profound benefits. If you are in the ‘Flow’ class and want to explore deeper, this class is the next step! Students will learn the ‘Yang 24’ or ‘Tai Chi 24’ form.  Yang 24 is the most widely practiced tai chi form in the world! It is a great starter form for those that are new to tai chi…

Step-by-step instruction of the ‘Yang 24’ form restarts every 8 weeks on Tuesdays & Thursdays / every 16 weeks on Mondays & Saturdays.

Tai Chi 24 Practice Class

This class is intended for students that desire an additional practice night for the 24 forms.  The instructor may use this class to add more detail to certain movements and incorporate breathing and qi-flow, however, this is NOT an instructional class, rather a class to emphasize the meditative and internal aspects of tai chi practice.  In general, the instructor will guide the form, but will not stop to teach the movements. Just breathe, relax and flow!

Chen posing 2000pxWudang Tai Chi

Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of tai chi and internal martial arts as designed by Zhan Sanfeng over 700 years ago.  Originally designed for “warrior priests” on Wudang Mt., Wudang Tai Chi uses martial arts as an internal alchemy practice to heal the body and foster spiritual growth.  The Wudang style demonstrates powerful rooting, waist power and internal cultivation methods.  The style is both more martial and internal with great detail and subtleties.

Square-foot Tai Chi & Wudang 28

After students gain a firm understanding of the Yang 24 form, students may learn the advanced Wudang style of tai chi.  Level 1 Wudang Tai Chi consists of forms derived from the Wudang 108 Tai Chi form. Level 1 will alternate between the Square-foot Tai Chi form and Wudang 28.  Square-foot was designed by Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) as a short, condensed form that can be practiced in a small confined space. The form is characterized by lots of twists and turns and is excellent for the kidneys! Wudang 28 is another modern derivative of 108 that was recently designed on Wudang Mountain for competition purposes.  These forms take 4-6 months to learn.

Sanfeng 13 Tai Chi

Sanfeng 13 is the original Tai Chi form created by Zhan Sanfeng himself.  From Wudang 13 all other tai chi and internal martial arts was born.  This form was not taught outside of Wudang until recently.  The “Advanced Practice” is for students that already know the form.  Wudang Lv 2 is for students that want to learn the form from the beginning. Although 13 sounds small, this is a large form and takes roughly 1 year to learn.

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