Tiny Tigers

kid-1Many people recognize karate from its collage of colorful belts, board breaking demonstrations and often aggressive competitions. True martial arts, however, use these tactics as constructive learning tools to teach life lessons. These lessons show children how to approach demanding obstacles with a proper mind-set, teaching them to win and lose with honor and self-respect. Schools do not educate children in how to cope with stress and anxiety, which inundate today’s fast-paced society; nor do schools ingrain healthy habits of the mind and body. These life-habits require deeper learning than simple regurgitation of facts and information. Children must develop and apply their mental, physical AND emotional I.Q. in order to succeed. Besides great exercise and self-defense training, Karate teaches children how to approach stressful situations with a calm heart that exhibits confidence, focus and compassion. This attitude lays the foundation for positive wellbeing, as well as developing the attributes of an effective leader.

 Tiny Tigers for 4.5 – 6yrs

Karate is a fun, engaging exercise that promotes the values of hard-work, self-control and mutual respect. Kaikudo’s ‘Tiny Tigers’ class is specially designed for children 4.5 -6 yrs old.  In addition to karate, the program includes tumbling, fitness, flexibility, focus drills and games/obstacles that enhance agility. The class is run in 8-9 week sessions.  Each session focuses on a unique ‘mini-form’ that helps to develop gross-motor coordination.  At the end of each session, children will demonstrate the form in front of parents, in order to advance to the next stripe. Tiny Tigers are NOT required to demonstrate technical proficiency; rather coordination, focus and the ability to learn.

Primary Goals of Tiny Tigers Development:

  1. Focus & Attention
  2. Self-control & Behavior
  3. Gross-Motor Coordination

This class does NOT emphasise the technical aspects of traditional martial arts training.  Students are not required to demonstrate technical proficiency, rather coordination and ability to learn.  Students are taught to distinguish when it’s time to play and when it’s time to focus; knowing the difference and being in control of that “silly-switch” is critical to learning.

When children turn 6 years old and demonstrate maturity for the next level, they will “graduate” from the Tiny Tigers Program with an Orange Belt and will be allowed in the 6-7yr Karate Kids program.  That program has a more technical and traditional approach to martial arts training.

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Kids Classes

Our karate kids classes aim to instill traditional martial art values that will translate inside and outside the dojo. Class etiquette and manners foster a child’s understanding to know when it is appropriate to play and when it’s time to get serious. Children begin to recognize how self-discipline and challenging oneself can bring the greatest rewards in life. These accomplishments inspire a sense of self-respect and self-confidence that both children and adults can appreciate. In addition to character building, students will enhance their muscle tone and flexibility, allowing for more advanced body movements such as aerial techniques, gymnastics and ground tactics. The belt-system is designed to create short-term goals, which build self-esteem, and long-term goals that help children project a vision of their future. Each successive belt requires greater accountability for behavior and more determination and effort as the curriculum becomes increasingly more difficult.

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